Will the Roloffs be the Next TLC Divorce? Or are the Little People Adjusting to the Big World of Marriage?

Last night on Little People Big World, Amy Roloff was in tears over her 22 year marriage, “we have our moments,” she said, but “we’re not necessarily happy.” OUCH! Then she said she still loved her husband, Matt, but somewhere along the lines they lost their friendship. During the whole dude ranch episode Matt was rarely around, the kids kept complaining, Amy complained and finally admitted that she just didn’t know where they were going to go from here. The Roloff problems were harder to watch than the Gosselins. This is a long standing marriage. And you like to think that “for better for worse” will last but take a good look at your spouse, of boyfriend or partner or the person next to you and ask yourself can you really imagine life with this person 20 years from now? (Read more at ChickTalkDallas.com)

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This morning the blogosphere was alive with “roloff separation” “roloff divorce” “roloff marriage.” Here is what Matt Roloff wrote on the family blog, “Amy and I are enjoying and making the most of this unique quiet time. We realize more and more how essential spending uninterrupted time together is. It is wonderful to just catch up with each other and plan private evenings going out to dinner or a movie.” I know it’s a reality show and edited for effect, but I think the Roloffs raised some good points.  ALL marriages ebb and flow that is to say it’s common for you to really be “into your marriage” to feel that love and common for you to not to feel in love with someone for a while. Falling more into and a little bit out of love with someone at times is bound to happen with years of exposure, family, financial, life drama. It’s called marriage! It’s hard. It takes actual work to stay committed.

What Amy said about “love” but “not being friends anymore” is true. Long marriages take their toll. My parents were married for almost 40 years before my dad passed away. Yes, four decades! Towards the end, I often wondered just how happy they were. I don’t think my mom was but she was devoted and committed because “in sickness and in health” meant something. She cared for my dad until the moment he died. And she got remarried six months later. It was totally shocking to the family but she is happy with her new husband in a way I never saw her with my dad. But she’s also in her 60s with no kids and retired. Life is good for her. What I’m saying is that Amy’s serious thoughts about divorce or separation aren’t abnormal especially after 22 years. They are not Jon and Kate. They are, for lack of a better word, “an old married couple”. But it’s obvious Amy wants some of the spark back. Some of that happiness at the beginning of a relationship and marriage when you feel like you can breeze through 15 years! I hope Matt watched the episode carefully and really heard Amy. Really listened for ways that he can change and make an effort for her. I hope she did the same. I will be so sad if the Roloff’s end up in TLC Divorce Court.

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