Will Storybook Apps Replace Physical Books for Children?

Big Shots Get Shots

I can still recall when my dad read to me as a child. Still. Now that I'm a mother, I often reflect on how my parents raised me--what they said, what they taught me, and how they handled similar situations that come with being a parent.

It's interesting, I remember as a child that I genuinely loved to read. I can still memorize some of my favorites, and couldn't wait to buy them for my son for a bit of nostalgia. Although it's just as exciting for me to read a physical book to my son, as a lover of apps and gadgets, I'm always looking for ways to educate him with technology. The advent of storybook apps has my attention, and I've even tried a few to see the difference.

There are countless storybook apps on both Android, iOS and now Windows. You can find any story from the classics like Charlie Brown to innovative ones like The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee app by Alicia Keys.

Along with using these apps as a learning tool, Healthline Networks recently launched an app that tells the story of a putterfish who goes on an underwater adventure to overcome his fear of needles. It's designed to distract kids while getting their shots, claiming to cure them of needle phobia. Not sure how I feel about this just yet.

While I'm a huge fan of e-readers, apps and techy stuff, I'm not yet convinced digital storybooks will replace their physical counterparts. There's nothing like watching your 13-month old tear the pages out of his favorite Elmo book.

What's your take on storybook apps? Do you think they will replace physical books in the future?


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