Will You Marry Me? Check yes (not no).

So, while you guys were frantically clicking on the blog each day to see which archives I’d post, I was frantically not remembering that I was a blogger at ALL last week because I was too busy being all engaged to marry CB.


Ohmygod I know you guys, I’ll tell you everything.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named CB who met a girl named Becky. It was a weird name for a boy and his parents obviously wanted him to get teased a lot, so really, he’s very fortunate to have met a girl at all. Less fortunate once it turned out that the girl was me, but let’s just move on.

Anyway, while CB was all busy being in his 20s and carefree, this girl Becky was all busy sitting next to him at work, making him give her his extra French fries and pickles from lunch each day, and generally making his every waking working moment a joy.


Fast forward seven years, two marathons, and one or two grey hairs later, and those two crazy kids found themselves all in love and oooggly-gooogly eyed. More CB than Becky because he’s always been the weird one (which will be confirmed by no one who has met us both and so just don’t ask anyone and take my word for it). And so one day back in the Spring, CB decided that it was time to take the plunge and call Becky’s dad, harkening back to the good old days when women were property and her father needed cattle in exchange for his daughter. Or something. But basically, CB was being very gentlemanly and distinguished and adorable, and so obviously my dad said yes, please take her, and it was ON.

Also, CB told everyone else in the universe except Becky and so people can keep secrets, yo. No joke. It’s a little disturbing how good you people are at not telling me I’m about to get engaged.

Anyway, in true CB, thoughtful, oooggly-gooogly fashion, he wanted to make the moment special and decided to propose while visiting Becky’s parents in Michigan so they could be there for the champagne. Oh, and for the loving moment we shared. But mainly for the champagne.

So last Sunday, June 30th, on a gorgeous Northern Michigan night, CB and Becky made their way to Pyramid Point, one of Becky’s most favorite places. However, since she didn’t know that they were about to be all romantical, she needed to heed the call of nature and use the port-o-potty at the beginning of the trail, giving CB ample time to (a) reconsider and (b) shove the ring into his coat pocket that he was inexplicably carrying on a warm summer night so Becky wouldn’t see a big ole’ ring box sticking out of his shorts.

Anyway, as Becky, CB, and her parents made their way up the trail towards the point, her parents kept stopping to “catch their breath.” Unbeknownst to Becky, this was all planned so that she’d go ahead and be couple-y. But since they’d raised such a thoughtful and caring daughter, Becky was all like “No problem, we’ll wait with you.”

Meanwhile, as the ring burned a hole in CB’s pocket, he was all like “No problem, we’ll go ahead without you.”

Um, you can’t ditch my parents on a hiking trail in the woods, ya’ big jerk.

However, after much prodding and constant reassurance from the parents, CB and Becky made their way up to the overlook. But since nothing in an engagement story ever goes smoothly, instead of walking up to the point and looking out over the water, they found themselves upon another couple eating pizza and trying to have a moment of their own.

Also, I’m not one to catch on quickly, so I started walking over to the point anyway.


CB: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Checking out the view!”

CB: “But we can’t interrupt their romantic moment!”

Me, clueless: “Oh…..um……then should we just stand here until they’re done?”

CB: “Uh, I think that would make the romantic moment even less romantic.”


So, Becky scanned the landscape and saw a short path leading up to an even higher point on the overlook, pointed to it, and suggested they check it out so CB could stop being a big weirdo.

And that’s when her husband-to-be decided he’d be an even bigger weirdo and shoulder-checked her as he darted ahead to get to the top first.

In his defense, he knew he was proposing and so he wanted to scope out the area and find the right place to pop the question. However, Becky started shouting up to him about how he might want to reconsider speeding away and shoving her aside because, if she fell down that cliff, “you’re totally going to have to come down and get me!”

And then she turned the corner, saw CB bend to one knee, say some very sweet things that are totally none of your business, you guys, and then Becky’s mom could hear her say all lady-like and quietly from 50 yards away “Are you serious????”

To which he assured her that, indeed, he was and opened the ring box the wrong way so that it looked like he was just checking out the goods and Becky was all like “what’s in the box?”

Sidebar: CB hates when I tell people this part, you guys, but I find it both hilarious and charming and so I had to tell you.

And then Becky dropped to her knees – literally – so that she was eye to eye with him (and also so that we could do that kissing thing that ooogly-gooogly people do sometimes BUT ONLY ONCE THEY’RE ENGAGED, KIDS) and said “Oh my God” about 76 times before CB finally was like “No seriously, you haven’t said yes yet. Is that a yes?”

And then Becky said yes through happy tears (and not shoulder-pain tears, like before) before jumping up and down and squealing and running over to hug her parents and take pictures that her mom was totally mad that she posted on Facebook because she thinks she looks bad in every photo ever taken.

Also, according to CB, the first lucid thing (after yes) that Becky said after being newly engaged was “Oh thank God I used that hand sanitizer after the port-o-potty down there or I’d be nervous to have this ring on!”

Aaaaaaand romantic moment over.

But they lived happily ever after anyway.


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