Will you play a game? (You could win a copy of Main Street Vegan and Vegan for Life!)

I know you are here.

I have Google Analytics and see you reading every single day (thank you!) but I’m not hearing too much from you here on the blog.

I do understand. I’m pretty active on Twitter and Facebook and I am engaged with many of you there. And I love that many of you who subscribe to this blog via emailsimply hit reply and a lively, private conversation ensues.

But sometimes I just need to know you’re right here – part of this community. Because I’m genuinely interested in why you are here and I whole heartedly believe that we all learn from each other when we share experiences or opinions.

So here’s the game.

In one word, or one sentence, tell me why you read this blog or what you would like to see more of on this blog.

What do you get in return? Well, in addition to my deep appreciation, your comment will enter you to win a copy of both of my favorite book referrals for my coaching clients, Main Street Vegan and Vegan for Life.

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JL Fields is co-author of the forthcoming Vegan for Her: The Women’s Guide to Being Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet and writes the blog JL goes Vegan.