Wills & Kate: I Just Can't Hate

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When I was a little girl, I adored Princess Diana. She was perfect in my eyes. I knew nothing of the struggles to be royal but only saw pictures of her swirling through a ballroom with John Travolta. Her tragic death came as such a shock; I felt horror at the paparazzi involved and the voracious appetite of society for details. I hoped that in the midst of tragedy, a lesson of privacy and personal space was learned. For the next few years, I snubbed my nose at every gossip column regarding the young princes William and Harry. I rolled my eyes constantly in the check-out line, thinking that we should just give those tea-drinking royals a break. I shook my head at the years-long hype of, "OH MY GOD, IS WILLIAM ABOUT TO PROPOSE?!"

But then he did propose. To a gorgeous, sweet-looking gal named Kate that could make jeggings look high-end if she ever sloughed around and oh my God, is that Diana's ring? How sweet, how thoughtful. I wonder what he said on one knee...

Will and Kate (Poppy Scarlett/Retna Pictures/UPPA/ZUMApress.com)
Photo Credit: ©Poppy Scarlett/Retna Pictures/UPPA/ZUMApress.com

WAIT. No. I swore I would not get wrapped up in the Royal Wedding. People get married every day and it's no big, right? The only thing special about this couple is that she could take bird poop and limp spaghetti and wear it as a charming hat (and more importantly, make it look amazing). And oh yeah, there's that whole heir-to-the-British-throne thing.  Plus the jewels. Oh, the jewels! I wonder what tiara she'll wear on her wedding day. Oooh, People is running a list of possibilities and I think #3 would be fantastic because it's so dainty...

WAIT. No. Not getting wrapped up in this, remember? I want to hate Wills & Kate and shun their wedding out of principal, despite her being a commoner and the really cool notion of charity donations in lieu of gifts. And I certainly won't think about her dress. Like if she'll wear cream or pure white. Or the length of her train. Rumor has it they'll be hitched in Westminster and there's no freakin' way she could get away with a chapel length. Someone's sister's cousin's ex-boyfriend's roommate heard that she's going with Sarah Burton as her designer... oh my, she is starting to look thin in pictures. I get that she wants to shed a few before the big day (what gal doesn't?), but she's small enough to put in my pocket already....

STOP. Just stop.

Somewhere in the innocent midst of wedding dress theories and flower choices, the topic of Kate's weight came up with readers and journalists incensed that the palace refused to disclose the number on her scale. And so the dangerous slide begins. Where do we as a society come off thinking we deserve to know this girl's weight? We start off simply wanting to know the lace on her veil, but soon we're breaking levels of appropriate curiosity and questioning every move she makes. What makes us entitled to know the things that William has ever whispered to her, the promises made in the dark hours of the morning? Are they not any more sacred than our own and deserving of privacy?

Kate Middleton deserves her day and her groom. She and William also deserve privacy on delicate matters of the heart to prevent history from repeating. So Wills & Kate, while I cannot hate you or snub the excitement mounting over your wedding, I will take the lessons we should have learned a decade ago and be keeping my polite distance across the pond.

How do you feel about the Royal Wedding publicity? Do you think that as public figures, it's just "part of the job" and we are entitled to every nitty-gritty detail? Will you be keeping your respectful distance from the tabloids in the grocery line, or have you already placed your order for a Wills & Kate commemorative china plate?


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