Win a copy of the audio book "In Case There's a Fox" by Aya Katz



In December of 2010 Aya Katz published the children's book In Case There's a Fox, which is a charming tale with rich descriptions and illustrations.  The picture book is based on the adventures of her daughter Sword had playing in the local woods with her trusty dog, and they happen to spot a fox.  Growing up in the mountains I can relate to stories that take place in natural settings, especially since I spotted coyotes and bears quite frequently, and raccoons would forage through our trash if it was not secured properly.  This book would be a novelty for children who have grown up in the city, and who have never had the opportunity  to view wild animals in their natural environment. Katz created the painted illustrations in the paper back book, and owning this copy along with the audible version will enhance the reading experience for children.

Aya'sbook is now available on, and to spread the word I am doing a giveaway where five people can win free codes to download a copy of this audio book.  Katz has given this codes away as a way to promote In Case There's a Fox  in exchange for honest reviews. I am asking that anyone who wins the code actually write a review because I think that is the least people can do to help support authors out there who are running small presses, which Aya Katz does with Inverted-A Press.  

In Case There's a Fox is a short but enjoyable story, and you can enter the contest to win a free audio copy of the book here.  Also, please do check out Aya Katz's other books on her Amazon author page.



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