Win a Kindle Fire and Get Holiday Photos Cards/ Party Favors at an Amazing Price!

How many times have you been told "Buy this and get this... " and then there is a huge survey (that gets you nothing and steals all your info) or you do it and it's a 2 percent chance you get the prize. In the case of (which is celebrating 20 years of being in business and is woman owned), it is totally different! Not only was I able to get an amazing deal on my Holiday Photo Cards, but I bought through Facebook to enter to win a Kindle Fire! (there is also a sale: ‎$45 for $75 of Invitations + 25% off Holiday Photo Cards)

Win a Kindle Fire

To enter go to:


Also, I got New Years Eve gift boxes which are absolutely darling.Party Favor Boxes

Lastly, I found the cutest present in all of the OC- Miche purses which is sold in their boutique shop (a perfect present for any girl).

Miche Purse

to learn more about where to get one, go to

Or learn at the blog:

You can take the purse cover off and make all new styles so you never have the same old purse. This place is a goldmine and is striving to stay alive in this economy, so please pass the word and help a woman out! BTW- who doesn't need another purse? ;)