Win a Tower of Treats! Cookies for the Cure

My mother is a breast cancer survivor. I lost Du to breast cancer earlier this year. A number of my friends have had breast cancer. So, Breast Cancer Awareness month is special to me.

Given that, I was delighted to talk with Mary Eckenrode from Cheryl's about Cookies for the Cure, their current fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"Our company is passionate about reaching out to organizations and specifically to the Susan G. Komen Foundation," Mary says. "Many of our associates have been touched by breast cancer -- we've all been touched in some way."

I appreciate that commitment -- and I also like Cheryl's for three other big reasons:

  1. 1. Cheryl, who started the company, used to bake with her grandmother and brought some of the old family recipes to the business. My grandmother's kitchen was one of my favorite places on earth.
  2. 2. Before sending sample cookies for us to review, Mary said, "Oh, honey! Just wait until you taste them. Our buttercream frosted cookies are to die for. They will melt in your mouth!" Trust me, that's not copy someone wrote for her to say. Mary likes the cookies. Genuine enthusiasm from a corporate spokesperson. Gotta love that.
  3. 3. The review cookies lived up to the promotion -- as you know, if you tasted them at BlogHer '10. My Mary -- cookie taster extraordinaire -- said: "Very good. Soft. The icing wasn't too sweet like some buttercreams can be. The cookie is a nice texture, not too soft, so you can hold it, but soft enough. Overall, very good. Tastes homemade."


And here's one more reason to like Cheryl's. They're going to give one of you a treat -- "Cookies for the Cure Treat Tower." All three layers of the tower are pink boxes. One tier includes the buttercream pink hearts, another tier includes a sugar, oatmeal, chocolate chip assortment, and the last tier includes four frosted brownies that I've been told are incredible.

I'm gaining weight just thinking about it. If you'd like to win the treat tower, just post a comment here.* Tell me what cookie you like best, or post the name of someone you'd like to honor during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Tell me your favorite color. I don't care ... just post something. Or, since I know some of you don't like posting, you can email me at I'll take entries through Sunday, Oct. 10, at midnight. Winner will be announced Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Thanks to Cheryl's for supporting the cause!

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