A Win-Win Situation, Pumpkin Style

You know what's fun in the Fall? Halloween.

(Look at me, all embracing Fall)

I made a new friend this year. His name is Junior. And he is a street hardened teenaged vamp-o-lantern. 

Junior's my name. Don't wear it out, punks.


Yeah, I crammed plastic vampire teeth into a pumpkin's mouth. What can I say? It was fun.

It was so much fun that I immediately made Junior an amigo.

Hola! I am Julio. Do you like my mustache?


I decided that (being teenagers) Junior and Julio might cause all kinds of mischief together, so they needed a babysitter-type pumpkin to help guide them through their troubled youth.

An elder of sorts.

Someone who grew up on the mean streets of rural Indiana and lived to come out on the other side.

A harder, wiser vamp-o-lantern.

Enter Gramps. 

Get off of my lawn you rotten kids!


Gramps didn't start out to be a crotchety old man. Originally he was going to be the vamp-o-lantern gang's groupie. That's right. A lady. With a bow and everything.

But I made the teeth hole a tad too large and her teeth kept falling out (which was kind of hilarious), so my groupie became an old man.

(Few things in life remind me of an old man quite like when the teeth keep falling out of a pumpkin.) 

(I don't know what that says about me as a person.)

(Let's just move on.)

And … well … Gramps was born.

Dagnabbit! My dang teeth fell out again!


Gramps, Julio and Junior like to hang out together, posing for pictures and stuff.

Surprising that they like to model, being street toughs and all.


But Gramps' teeth keep falling out.

Don't just stand there grinnin' - git me my teeth! Git me my teeth!


Finding Gramps' teeth several times a day gives Julio and Junior something constructive to do with their free time. I like to think it keeps them off the streets.

That's a win-win situation, pumpkin style.


Jen keeps a quirky and (sometimes) humorous blog, www.mysemitruestory.com, where she writes of her life (with occasional flashbacks to the 80s) and shares her non-award winning photos.


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