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I had planned on starting out this blog with a picture of me doing the two things that I do best: sipping on red wine and sifting through my clothing stash. A la this: oh look at me, all cool chill and hispter-esque, sitting in my carefully strewn about pile of clothing whilst drinking a glass of wine.
Then, the inevitable: kids, never drink and blog. You'll end up a few pictures away from being done, only to be forced to stop what you are doing to clean up a mess.

Such a waste. Such a sad, beautiful waste. Oh well, time to keep calm and pour myself another glass. On a side note...think I could photoshop that mess up and turn it into a piece of art?

I had not really been in the mood to do pictures this week. I still had not felt well, had been extremely tired, and just indifferent and lazy all around. Then last night, I stumbled upon this gemOhMyGoodness. The All That Jazz collection made me swoon. The giraffe print skirt made me melt inside. The dress from the Up And Away collection needs to be in my closet. Alas, I sadly report that I do not, in fact, have anything like this lying around in my collection. It's a good thing I'm on a shopping ban my bank account doesn't agree with the prices of those items, or else I would be in trouble.

First off, I had three outfits that I wore to work this week that I particularly loved. I was quite surprised at the amount of comments that I received. The day I wore the blazer, just about every other person at my desk told me how nice I looked. Andy seems to think it was because something else was wrong (i.e. I had a booger on my face, etc). He could perhaps be right. All I know is that I had a great work week in terms of outfits.






Outfit number one was perhaps a bit too much grey. I liked the idea of the outfit, though. The skirt is one of my favorite pieces. The blazer outfit is probably my favorite work outfit to date. I loved the pearls and the pants are my favorite khaki pants. Although they are a serious bitch to iron. The last sweater was one that I had actually put in a box to be given away. Just about everyone I know has dug through that box and taken what they wanted. I realized this was still in there, and could not remember why I would ever want to let it go. Once again, just about every other person commented on how pretty the sweater was, and how the color was very complimentary on me. I am ever so glad that I rescued it from the give away box. I bought it years ago to wear out to dinner with a friend. I haven't worn it in at least 3-4 years. In any case, I warmly welcome it back into my collection.

For the rest of my outfits, I decided to focus on a few main pieces and just change up my shirts. I chose a dark pair of skinny jeans, my brown riding boots, feather earrings, my owl necklace, and my rainbow hat. Then I went through my closets and picked out shirts, a scarf, and sweaters that I thought would compliment each piece. I won't take the time to explain every single outfit, but there are a few of them that I'll comment on.


I really like this outfit. However, I think for once in my life I see the reason forthese. Seriously, these are a buzz kill for males everywhere. But to get away with wearing this to work, I feel it necessary.


I think so far this is my favorite outfit. Definitely high in the running to be worn tomorrow or this weekend at some point.


Feather earrings! I love them.



I'm a pretty big fan of this combo as well.


I bought this shirt last October to wear to Cincinnati for Andy's birthday. I haven't worn it since. I forgot how pretty it was. So many options for the weekend/next week!

Here is a better shot of the feather earrings.

I couldn't decide how I felt about the feather in the hair/feather earring trend at first. I obviously can't pull it off in the realm of hair pins, but these earrings are definitely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.
As I said earlier in the blog, this week has left me quite indifferent and out of it. I would much rather come home and crash on the couch for the entire night. I drug myself to the gym on Monday and did three miles on the treadmill. It wasn't the best idea I've ever had - I was still getting over my sickness and it caused me to become congested, stuffy, and to have a complete coughing fit all over again. I was proud of myself for going, but I probably should have given it a few more days. Work has been up and down in terms of being extremely busy to having days where it feels like the clock is stuck on 1:45 all afternoon. Monday I had the most ridiculous morning I've had in quite sometime. We had a patient from the psych building somehow escape and make his way over to our building. He had his run of all the floors (naked, I might add) cursing about Stephen Hawking, Lance Armstrong, and a few other random things. The security guards finally caught him and carried him out through the front doors. I honestly felt sorry for him - I'm certain he couldn't control how he was acting. I have to say, was one of the most random, hilarious things I've seen in a while. 
Musically, I've been on a bluegrass kick again this week. Mainly, some OCMSand this lovely gem. My friend Courtney introduced me to the second one, and I have to say ever since the first time I heard it I've been sucked in. I've also been revisiting my obsession with Azure Ray, with In The Fog and Dancing Ghosts. The songs are both so pretty and to be honest, so is the rest of the album. I can't get enough of it. I'm still completely into Florence and the Machine's new album and the new Coldplay. So much good music, I can't get enough of it all! Oh, and lest we forget - the entire new Bon Iver album, and She & Him Christmas. My supervisor always listens to the Bon Iver album at work, and I can always hear the beautiful notes floating over her cubicle wall and into my desk area. It always gives me a few moments of calm when it breaks through into my chaos.
On the note of music, I recently discovered that Jack's Mannequin has a new album. I have to say - I was a bit disappointed in it. I could probably lay most of the tracks on the new CD over tracks on the Lost In Transit CD (like this). It made me quite sad. It still has that same old Jack's Mannequin sound, however. I caught myself bobbing along to a few of the tracks while I was getting ready the other morning. But the fact that it's so similar makes me sad. I'd like to see him get back into more of the Something Corporate vibe. More piano, please!
Anyhow, it's late, I still have a bit of wine to finish, and I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is Friday, huzzah!  I have much merriment and festive events lined up for me this weekend. Once again, I'm quite the lucky girl lately.
Till next time!
"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like."

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