Wine: It's What's For Stress Relief


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Is it bad to turn to Pinot Grigio for stress relief?



glass of bokeh, anyone?

Dear Ramona,

Bad? Stress? Wine? I'm afraid I don't...understand.

I mean, I personally find Pinot Grigio very light and bodiless, sort of a thirst quencher after a power walk, but if it helps you beat the stress, who am I to argue?

And it depends on what kind of stress you are referring to. So let's turn to my handy chart that I happen to carry in my wallet in case of an emergency.

For stress induced by planning friend's baby shower: Wine Spritzer

For any and all stress caused by dealing with family, including but not limited to in-laws: Southern Comfort (my in-laws are in North Carolina, so ahem.)

For the stress of the new season of The Bachelorette not starting for a few more months: A glass of Chardonnay, repeat as needed.

For work stress: Go old school with vodka, or if you're in Mad Men, a martini. Preferably during lunch.

Hopefully this answers your question. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional sip of the Satan's brew; however, if you have a nagging feeling that you are turning to alcohol too often, respect that feeling. Spend a week or a month finding alternate ways to relieve stress. Some people swear by exercise, a long walk, a yoga class, meditation. I think that many of us turn to alcohol because it is there. And we can enjoy a glass while making dinner, helping the kids with homework (OMG, has one glass ever been enough for homework?!) and generally being at home. It is a quick and easy fix that doesn't require us to leave the house and the children. Win-win.

Except sometimes we need to leave the house and the children.

So if this is your situation, spend some time finding ways to get out of the house to destress. Talk to another mom to see if she can take your kids for a few hours one night and you can return the favor the next. Check if your partner can be in charge of overseeing homework several times a week. If it's affordable, get a babysitter to watch the kids so that you can have some time to yourself.

Try it out for a while. You may find that going to the gym or even for a walk gives you a great stress relief.

And if you suspect that your relationship with alcohol requires more attention than a week or so off, please know that there is a lot of help available. Speak to your doctor or go to an AA meeting (you can go to just listen).

Good luck,

Marinka, TMH


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