Wine Review: Cupcake Vineyards

Wine Review: Cupcake Vineyards

Sparkling prosecco, graceful chardonnay and more wines from Cupcake Vineyards. 
-PJ Gach

 Cupcake vineyards

When you’re looking for a wine, you want one that compliments a meal or an event. You want a memorable wine that delivers time and again. Cupcake Vineyards offers 15 varietals. Each one is complex and is delightful to the senses. Their 2012 Chardonnay won the Best in Class Award at the 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. At that same competition, they also walked away with gold, silver and bronze medals for their Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, white and red blends wines.

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You’d think that with that type of recognition, Cupcake Vineyards wines would be pricey, they’re not. Cupcakes Vineyard wines retail under $20.  When your friends and family taste the wine, they’ll think you spent much, much more.

Recently I went to a Cupcake Vineyards wine tasting event. Here are my reviews of the wines I tasted:

Cupcak vineyards wines

Hints of honeydew melons, citrus and sun. Crisp, clean-tasting and well balanced. Their grapes are from Italy, they use the official grape for Prosecco, the Glera.

Pinot Noir 
Deep ruby in color, the wine’s scent is jammy-heaven. The aroma of raspberries, blackberries and sweet earth complement the rich, complex flavored wine. This creamy wine is home-grown in California.

Sauvingon Blanc 
One sniff and I was immediately reminded of luscious, fresh white peaches, lemons and lime with hints of vanilla. The cabernet sauvignon is bright, tart, sharp and sweet at the same time. Its grapes were sourced from the South Island of New Zealand.

Cupcake Vineyards wine master is Jessica Tomei. A graduate of the University of California, Davis (she majored in Viticulture and Enology), Tomei has seen 20 harvests around the world.

To learn more about Cupcake Vineyards, their wines, recipes, food pairing suggestions, or to buy, visit their site.

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