Wine Tasting at the Versace Mansion and What It's Like to Be a Food Blogger

In case you wondered what being a food and travel blogger is all about ... well, it's about a lot of work most days. It's about being plugged in and engaged from your first waking moment to lights out. Every day.

Most days are spent at The-University-of-Endless-Learning with non-stop lessons in journalism, technology, computer coding, online platforms and photography. There's also the obvious recipe development, food shopping, cooking and styling --  and lots of dirty dishes. The hours are much longer than a 'job'. You don't close an office door and go home. No, instead, you're drafting posts on a hot laptop, uploading and editing photos, supporting other blogs, and checking in with social media till the wee hours ... and there's no salary! Crazy? Nah, I love it. I blog to channel my creative juices and energy. I blog because I love the magic of writing, publishing, and photography, not to mention an innate love of food and travel. It turns out that blogging is also about acceptance and rejection. Endorsements and real friendships have come from unexpected and unknown places and I'm so grateful. And, I've agonized over perceived rejection or lack of interest which I didn't expect from known places. Geez, it only takes a minute-and-a-half to look at a blog post. But, perhaps, that's a conversation best left for a session on a shrink's couch some day. Only the lucky few make money. Real money. I don't even try. But, if you persevere, eventually some bloggers get invitations to try a product (rarely something I'm interested in), review a book (no thanks), or go to an event. Go to an event? What? Where? Yes, I get a fair share of invites to restaurant openings or wine events these days. I don't accept them all, only the ones that interest me. And I don't blog about all of them. Only the ones that I think are worth sharing and would make an attractive and interesting post. today, a tasting of Castilla-La Mancha wines accompanied by tapas from the renowned Barton G at the iconic Versace Mansion* in South Beach. Now that's an offer you can't refuse!

*selling price recently lowered to $100 million. Any takers?

I'm still waiting for that trip invite to a Spanish vineyard or a Tuscan agroturismo, or ... Who knows? It may yet come. Five years ago I never expected to be where I am today.

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