Wine-y Wife

A mix of snarky mommy meets mad kitchen scientist-without the smarty sciencey part, but with some really kick ass food!

I love cooking and creating new things. I enjoy sharing those creations with other people. I love sharing stories and experiences about food too: the first time I ate it, the best place I’ve had it, the time I was making it and it turned into a disaster (yes, it occasionally happens).

I stay at home with my boys. They give me so much good material, I couldn’t have a blog and not write up some of their funny stories. Then there’s the snarky side of me that I can’t leave out either.

I can be frugal, I’m quirky, I can be  resourceful, my kids crack me up and sometimes I even surprise myself like this. I love cooking, coming up with drinks, and baking. All of that put together is me.


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