Wing it!

My son has had FIVE baths in two days. That has to be some kind of record or something. EZ doesn't get that many baths in a week! He seems ok, otherwise. I'm pushing bananas, applesauce and toast... trying to, at the very least, slow down the brown river. Poor thing.

Moving on. Last year, this time, it was in the 80s. EIGHTIES!!! It's like 30º right now. Boo. But really 80º for March in Illinois means the rapture is upon us, so I guess 30º is ok for now. FOR NOW, Mother Nature... do you hear me!?

We are prepping for the warmer season by starting all our seedlings for the garden, now. I've never done this before so I imagine I'll be buying some of the seedlings at the store due to my idiocy with gardening. My gardening technique is WING IT, BITCHES!!

So, my house is a freakin greenhouse. I'm doing my best to keep the cat from eating off the new buds and from the tiny wondering hands from digging in the supa fun dirt. I've tried a couple of different things and various store-bought greenhouses. I initially bought stuff from Target. I was there wondering around... and hey look it, we are going to start our garden this year early! Like all Target runs, that wasn't the reason why I went there in the first place. I decided to expand and bought more stuff from Home Depot and Lowes.

I started the veggies and herbs about two weeks ago-ish and this is what I have! I need to refer to my chart to tell you what's growing, which I do not have in front of me. The bigger pot things (what are those called?) were planted much later which is why only two of them have stuff sprouting. I decided to go ghetto and use a milk carton (thanks Pinterest) to grow more garlic.

Do I know what I'm doing? NO! But that doesn't mean I don't want to try. It's nerdy fun to watch this stuff sprout and grow. Look ma! I'M GROWING SHIT!


I think that's lettuce, I'm not entirely sure.


I don't really know what's growing here, lots of veggies but I'm not sure what.
Is mold on the outside of those things, normal? Cause there's mold.


Sorry, it's blurry but look! Garlic!


 My garlic is dying. The green stuff is supposed to die (says Google) but already? Shouldn't that green stuff get longer before it dies?That pant behind
the garlic isn't edible, it's an orchid that my mother-in-law gave me
when she moved (loooong story) and I haven't killed it yet. Yay!


This is a flat for flowers. I'm cheap and trying to grow the flowers
on my own this year too. I use a LOT of annual flowers in our
backyard and it can get pricey. So we'll see how this goes.


Mah flowers... growing in the bathtub. Cause it's warm and dark in the bathroom.
I have another one of these shoved in the tub along with this one.
Pinky swear that it's flowers and not an herb. wink wink
Good thing we have two tubs in our house.
It would be a mighty pain to keep taking these out to bath my stinky child!



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