Nothing's official until the votes are tallied and sorted for fraud, but as it stands for tonight, I came in 5th in a blog off of moms who blog in Canada. The first week, I just wanted to hide and pretend I'd never been nominated. Votes roll in and rankings begin to take shape. It's like being weighed, measured and found just a bit fatter than you thought you were on The Biggest Loser.

I tried to ignore it but my inner Catholic schoolgirl is drawn to competition like a toddler with a permanent marker is to a clean bare wall.

To my surprise, I hung out in the top ten instead of sinking into the depths of the next page, and suddenly discovered I can promote myself and campaign for votes. But it was intimidating. I followed links back to the other blogs. They had sponsors, ran ads, gave stuff away and seemed so much more polished and businesslike about it.

It occurred to me then that maybe what I was doing was more than just pouring myself onto a screen and hitting publish. Maybe I was a brand?

My friend Julie thinks I am a brand. I thought maybe she was just being encouraging, but I think she might be on to something.

I guess it's time to learn something more about the blogging tool than simple how to add pictures and change formats, eh?




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