Winter Cold (Green) Survival Kit

Currently  my family and I are deep in battle with  a nasty  cold which inevitability comes around  this time every year.  With all my eco changes in place  my ‘Must Have’ list for cold season had to also be updated. Here is my drug free updated list.

To Eat/Drink

  • Antioxidant rich soup like this Garlic and Tomato Soup
  • Drink or give as much clear fluids as possible. Organic apple juice warmed up  will sooth a child’s throat. Tea is also great, just cool it slightly for kids ( I like Organic Ginger with lots of honey). I Drink tons of warm water as well.
  • Antioxidant smoothies. I love smoothies and my kids go crazy over them. Add whatever you like but try to stay away from dairy products (organic soy or almond milk or fruit juices instead).  Some combo’s to try Kiwi -Pineapple, Pomegranate-Pear, Blueberry-Banana. Yum Yum.
  • A teaspoon of local  honey is my cough suppressant of choice.
  • If you are nursing a baby, feed them often as breast milk contains antibodies that you are making to fight off the cold.

Clear out your nose

  • I use a neti pot on myself and saline mist for my kids.
  • Of course Steam and humidifiers work as well but in the interest of saving energy only use these if you have to.

Feel Better Bath Time

For the non-stop runny nose

  • A few months ago I stopped buying kleenex and now I use cloth tissues. They can be pretty pricey so I cut up some receiving blankets into tissue size and they make great, soft kleenex! As a bonus my kids love to use them because of the cool prints.
  • For sore noses (and a million other things) my absolute favorite is Dr.Bronner’s Magic Organic  Balm. I originally bought this balm for my husbands tattoo but it turned out to be great for so much more!
  • I read that Chamomile works great for a stuffy nose remedy but have not tried it personally…


  • I use Natural Eucalyptus Rub on my kids chests, backs and on the soles of their feet before bed to help suppress cough and as a decongestant.

Oh and if you happen to have the luxury of sleep, there is no better cure than letting your body do the fighting it needs to.

For more on headache relief check out this post.

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