This winter has been hard on my cats.

It's true.  This winter has created monsters out of my four cats.  Yes, four cats...don't judge.  I didn't start out with a goal of being the crazy cat lady, but, alas, I have become just that.  

My cats are all outdoor lovers.  This winter has kept them indoors with pent up energy.  They gave up even attempting to go out on the deck.  Too cold.  Too much snow.  

Cats are smart.  They can just shut it down when needed.   They can sleep for hours and hours.  But now  my little Einstine are at their wits end.  

They run through the house, chasing one another, up and over furniture.  In their wake is flying papers, knocked over anything that once stood, spilt vases and tossed throw pillows!  Loud?  They sound like horses going up and down the stairs.  

In an effort to help calm them, I do play with them.  They have toys they will jump and fetch for if I throw them.  I feel like I am running a kitty daycare.  They follow me around until I submit to their request of play, pet, cuddle, fresh(er) water and/or treats!

The worst, absolute worst thing about having four outdoor cats become full-time indoor cats?  Yep, the litter.  Good lord!  That is a lot of 'bleep'!  Typically, that chore is a monthly one but this very cold, very long winter forced me to buy a second kitty toilet and increase the chore to weekly!

They are getting on each other's nerves and mine too!  I love them.  I am a good pet owner but seriously...spring better get here real quick like!  

Today, it is zero, the deck is snow cleared and the sun is shining.  I 'encouraged' them all to go outside.  I felt better immediately.  I got a coffee and sat down to do some writing.  I tried to ignore the shadows.  I tried to ignore the meowing.  I tried to  convince myself they were fine...oh damn.  I went to the door to find four sitting pretty kitties each wearing their most pathetically need to be rescued expressions.  

What can I do?  I  opened the door and they ran into the house like they had been outside fore five hours versus five minutes.  I sighed, shut the door and with my eyes followed the trail of wet, sandy paw prints (x16) that covered my floor.  Sigh.  

Spring.  I beg you.  Please warm the air, melt the snow and help me find joy in my kitties once again!  Thank you.  



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