Winter Soup Delight – 2 Amazing Recipes of Chicken Soup

Winters are here and in winters something I call a comforting food is known as Soup. Soups are warm, soothing, and really satisfying. Generally there are two types of soups which people prefer; one is the clear soup i.e. you won’t find any pieces or bits to chew while having this soup and other is chewy soup in which you find chunks of vegetables and meat to chew. Personally I like chewy soups more as it allows me to chew my foodstuff and it got more flavors and taste.

Do you know soups are the perfect meal for a dinner particularly the chewy soups! In chewy soup you can add noodles or rice to make a perfect bowl of a complete dinner meal. It’s good for the people those who want to lose those extra pounds or want to eat something light for dinner but still filling.

Anyhow, Chicken soups are the best soups for winters. In fact chicken soups are beneficial for curing usual cold and flu too. From ages our grandmothers and aunts are making this soup whenever we catches cold or general infections from flu. There is a debate that one should eat soup always or not. Well to answer this, soups are healthy no doubt but if you add those heavy creams, fats and cheese into it then it definitely becomes unwholesome and fattening. What you can do is keep the minimalisms and try opting for fat-free and less-fat options.

In today’s post I am sharing such appetizing and satisfying chicken soup recipes that you can try in these freezing winters. Kids love these recipes in fact these soup recipes it’s loaded with the goodness of vegetables that makes it really anticipated to try on –

Aztec chicken & corn soup: This is a Mexican chicken soup with the flavors of corn and zucchini. This soup is really appetizing and allows you to chew your soup totally and with its mouthwatering flavors and taste of herbs and seasonings used into it. I got this recipe from Knorr site. For this recipe you can use chicken thighs or even chicken breasts if you want. The flavors of Spanish onion really uplifts the flavors and aroma. Note – If you don’t like chewy soups; you can always blend a soup in a blender to make a smooth consistency. But make sure to cool down the fluid first before blending otherwise it will be too dangerous if that hot liquid spills out from a blender.

Other amazing soup is, Witches’ Brew Chicken Soup: I personally like to make this soup in the Halloween afternoon for my kids. This soup is really satisfying and keep my kids energetic and uplifted for the whole day and they are spirited for the “Trick or Treat” game for the whole evening. But who is stopping you to make this amazing soup in any regular day. This soup is filling, loaded with vegetables and is really scrumptious. Kids quickly finish their bowl and then you are just free from not to worry about their hunger pangs for long.

Soup recipes are no rocket science in fact they are quite quick and easy to make. Just put the right ingredients in the skillet pot, boil and add the right amount of seasoning and herbs, stir occasionally and you have this incredible yet tasty bowl of soup to dig in. I hope you will like these 2 recipes to try on. If you have such interesting soup recipes to try for this winter, please comment.

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