Winter Tree Silhouettes

Have I mentioned that I am newly obsessed with Pinterest?  Well I am and you can follow me and my intrigue here, just so you can find fabulous crafts like this one.

Oh, it's from Meet the Dubiens?  Shocking.  So what if I love that blog?  With great ideas like this one, who can blame me?

So here's what you need, and here's what you do.


paper, paint, masking or painter's tape.  Watercolors materials are preferable.

Create a tree silhouette out of tape on your paper.

Choose your paint, if possible, so that you have appropriately winter colors.  We started out that way but then a few "leaves" made their appearance.  Then let your kids paint all over the paper.  Be sure your tape is down nice and securely so the paint doesn't bleed underneath it.  Encourage them to paint everywhere, even over the tape.

In case you're wondering, yes, this is the craft I wrote about the other day when I said it was a super crafty headache.  Let me reconsider now that I have a little distance and perspective.  Trying to ask my 21-month-old to use watercolors for the first time is one thing.  Trying to get her to only use "wintery, appropriate colors" is absolutely asinine.  She couldn't even figure out the order in which to paint; she kept dipping her brush into the paint, then the water, then the paper, so that no color would show up on her paper and all she got was a watery mess.  Instead of chuckling and using it as a teachable moment, I was losing my Craft Nazi mind.  So note to self: have reasonable expectations when crafting.  Then no one gets frustrated or crazy (like me).

So, now your children have created beautiful works of watercolory art and you have surreptitiously filled in all the white spots (who, me?  I would never meddle in the artistic process!).  Right.  Now let the paintings dry, get yourself a cocktail--I mean, get the kids a snack, and come back to it in a little while.

Doesn't look so hot, huh?  Just wait.

When the paint is dry and the kids are doing something that engages them (i.e. watching TV), peel the tape off the paper, leaving a white tree silhouette against the painted background.  This is a good time to note that any parts of the paper that got particularly wet will probably tear easily; take your time and have some Scotch tape handy!

In the end, you will have a beautiful winter tree!  In fact, the more unique the colors were (I actually really like Jax's use of black), the more I like it.  The watercolors blended nicely to create a mellow, pretty sky.  Once I peeled them off and hung them up, I was glad we took the time to do this one; they really create a beautiful winter scene.  And it really was relatively painless, as long as you can go with the flow and try not to act like me!



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