Winter Weekends

What to do on a winter weekend?

If I were wealthy and had means, I would escape to either a ski lodge or a tropical beach.

As it is, I'm at home in Ohio, because my means are limited.

So, how to fill up the time on a cold, snowy, winter weekend dat?

1. Make Soup - a pot of warm, bubbly, hearty soup is a great way to pass some time. There's a certain amount of pleasure derived from chopping vegetables into half inch bits.

2. Bake - baking bread is a long drawn out process, that is perfect for a stay at home day. The mixing of ingredients into dough and then kneading, rising, kneading ... very therapuetic.

3. Clean House - nobody really likes to clean the house, but what better time to clean than when you can't sit on the deck and listen to the birds while sipping a tall cold drink. Might as well be productive and take your frustrations out on that bathroom tile.

4. Read - fix a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in your favorite chair with a blanket and the cat. Get lost in that novel you've been wanting to finish. Your mind will be transported to the scenes in the book and you'll forget all about the snow until dinner time (and you eat some of that soup!)

5. Go Outside - sure, why not? Build a snowman. Plan a snowball ambush. Tromp through the peaceful woods with the dogs. Make snow angels with the kids. Shovel a neighbor's sidewalk.

There are many things to accomplish on a cold winter day, and most of them just require you to embrace the day's weather for what it is. Don't fret about what could have been or where you could have gone. Embrace the elements and enjoy the moment, because all too soon, it will be 90 degrees and you'll be wishing for some coolness.

The morale of this post is simply: Live in the moment with no regrets!


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