Winter White Church Makeover {a Christmas craft}


Winter White Christmas Church
{a Goodwill makeover}

I've got a Cheap & Easy project to share.

You know how the thrift stores are 
loaded with those cast off 
mini villages during the holiday season? 
Or, maybe just village parts. 
(Not to be confused with Village People)

Candy shops.
Toys stores...
and Churches.

Well, I ran across a little church for $1.50

and this is what I did with it.

The Makeover;

1. I scrubbed this in the sink with a soft brush and mild soap.

2. Set it aside to air dry.

3. Painted white. 
Appropriate paint will depend on the finish of your piece. 

4. While tacky, load with glitter. I sprinkled every little surface!

5. Finish with clear poly spray to seal and protect.

6. Let dry. 

7. Admire the Winter White Shimmer 
Optional;  pat yourself on that back for getting 
a total Qt for a buck fifty!!

I'll be looking for a few more pieces to add.
I think a little village done up 
all glittery in white might be pretty cute!
Please visit the link below for more

If you make over any mini Christmas village parts, I'd love to see your before & after.

Just pop over to my Facebook page and share them!!

(No Village People makeovers though, kay?)

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