Winterize Your Hair Pt. 1 - My Uber-Oil Blend


Winter in Wisconsin ain't no joke. This is usually the time to pay particular attention to your hair's moisture level as the winter cold and harsh winds can suck all of the moisture from your strands. It's during this time that I beef up the moisture division of my team of products, and deep condition every chance I get. 

One product that has been helping me manage is a blend of oils that I put together myself. This is the oil that I seal with as other oils just weren't gettin' it for me. But hey, I wanna share that recipe, so here ya go:

In a 5oz (it holds 6oz) applicator bottle

3oz Shea butter oil

1oz Virgin coconut oil

1oz Extra virgin olive oil

1oz Jojoba oil*

5 drops Vitamin E

(Optional) 10-20 drops fragrance (I used vanilla essential oil)

 *If you want to beef it up even more you can substitute the jojoba oil with 1/2oz Jojoba Oil & 1/2oz Black Castor Oil.

I use the solid 100% pure African shea butter that comes in the tub. I was taught that microwaving solid shea butter to melt it ruins some of the value of the natural ingredients in it. Mmmmkay, so we don't microwave (to be on the safe side), we simply scoop out the amount we want and place in a sandwich bag and seal. Heat a bowl of water to a slight boil, then place the bag in the hot water. After it fully melts, snip off a bottom corner of the baggie and let it pour into your applicator bottle. Repeat this until you have 3oz of melted shea butter. You can repeat the same process with the coconut oil if you wish.

Add the other oils and ingredients. Put the cap on your applicator bottle and shake well. Voila! There you have it.

I call this my Uber-Oil. This is waaaaay too heavy for summer (I likies), but perfect for this harsh Wisconsin winter...which seems to have already begun. I love it! (Um...not the winter...the oil...) Not only does it seal well, but it softens like a champ! I expect my Uber-Oil to last the entire winter because you don't have to use a lot of it at a time. A PLUS! No need to be heavy handed with this product unless you purposely plan to slide your way out the door looking like a grease monkey and a candidate for the next Soul-Glo commercial.

I apply this at night on top of my heavy moisturizer and cover with my satin bonnet. When I take my hair down in the morning, I don't need to re-moisturize. It remains very moisturized and soft, but not weighed down. However, I may still rub a little bit together in my hands and add to my ends for added protection before leaving the house.

Of course, when it gets cold, it may solidify back to a butter. I just run the bottle under hot-hot water until it mostly melts, shake it up and roll with it. Grrrrreat!

If you give this a try, lemme know how it works for you! I hope it helps with you winterizing!

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