Free Printable: Winterize your Home Checklist

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It's an all too common mistake that we make each year, and could save ourselves a ton of headache with a little preparation for Winter. I grew up in North Dakota, and have lived on each coast of the US, as well as Texas over the years. Each place is different, so of course you may need to adjust your preparation plans present, I live in Southern California, so I don't have much of a winter that I have to deal with, but there are some things that are still necessary. I try to ensure certain things get done for the winter season, like bringing in outdoor equipment, getting warmer clothing and bedding out of the closets, and insulating doors and windows better so cold air doesn't come pouring into the house. I have been surprised way to many times from the cold air seeping into the house through the doors and windows, and then I am scrambling to do find a way that fixes my cold weather issues! So here I am, Finally! I am going to stay one step ahead with my Household Winterization checklist! I am very excited because, as you all probably know by now, I LOVE lists!! Checking something off a list helps feel like I accomplished something, which is an added bonus to the organization of ideas and chores in a list. I feel confident that I will be able to get all these tasks done this year, and with. Uh less headache. Get your FREE Printable PDF here: Winter Houshold Prep   [caption id="attachment_389" align="alignnone" width="450"]Winter Household Preparation Printable 

This is a sneak at the checklist. Click on the link above for the PDF Version.[/caption] How have you been preparing for the winter months? Have you started having winter weather in your area? What do you normally do to prepare for winter and the cold & wet weather that comes with it?  


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