Wiping the Habit (Or: Saving the Rain Forest One Butt at a Time)

My family has a "Pack A Day" habit.

Not cigarettes. Toilet paper.

We go through it like...well I'd say toilet paper, but that's obvious. And redundant.

I don't know how we do it...use so much toilet paper I mean. I don't believe that collectively we go to the bathroom anymore than normal people. I mean, Livi does drink a lot of juice... I think they're just using so MUCH of it. We're killing trees left and right...or should I say front and back.

I just realized that I was changing the roll in my bathroom every day. In fact, we go through rolls so quickly we even kept a "back up" roll sitting on the pile of magazines next to the toilet. How can a family of four use so much toilet paper??

I wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery (pun not intended...) so I spied on my kids wiping. I realize this might be illegal in some states, but I felt like as a citizen of the Earth, it was my duty to find out how all of these resources were being used. It's interesting to see each has their own methodology. I won't go into details, but MAN - they do use a LOT of toilet paper!

Did you know there are people who don't even use toilet paper? I'm not joking. My massage therapist used to live with a guy who didn't wipe. He was a Vegan and he believed his body was so clean that he didn't need it. Ew. (Shutter...) I don't think we want to go that route...

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it my family alone that is responsible for the deforestation of the entire Southern Hemisphere? Do I start rationing the TP? Maybe hand out little cards each morning telling them how much toilet paper they're allowed to use each day?

But then, they'd probably use those up too.

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