It’s a privilege to talk to those who live a long meaningful life. I spent last weekend at a skating friend’s parents’ home. Although our conversations didn’t really touch on any serious or personal subjects, their easy and confident manner exudes wisdom. I saw this too in my team owner when we went on a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Cape Coral. The turn of events that brought him where he is today and the obstacles that he overcame. Wisdom is so very different from cleverness or quick wits which I see everyday from my peers. It is a quiet and steady intelligence people earned after years of navigating the ups and downs of life. They continue to engage and evolve with the ever changing society. They genuinely care about the people around them. They show me through action that growing old is a badge of honour. They give me hope that one day I may join their ranks.

Corn Pancakes with Strawberry Guava Syrup

My mind is preoccupied with accepting a new reality that my most recent injury has essentially shattered all my athletic goals for this season. I need to re-evaluate my priorities and I long for the guidance of people who made it through much harder situations. I have no doubt that things will be okay but I just need to figure out how to bridge that mental gap between saying and believing.

Corn Pancakes with Strawberry Guava Syrup


For the time being, I am going through the motion doing what is necessary to bring myself back to health. That includes not thinking. Seriously. I have to reduce the amount of brain activities so that mushy blob inside my skull can heal. Easier said than done to someone whose mind never quiets for as long as I can remember (There I go again! Stop remembering!). I’m also suppose to stop stressing out, stop worrying, and stop getting upset too but I really can’t help myself.

Fortunately, making these corn pancakes from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table was not mentally taxing. The batter of canned corn, flour, eggs, and salt whirred into sunny yellow in the food processor in no time. To please the fussy eater in me, I cooked them using a silicone pancake ring so all the pancakes turned out perfectly round and uniform in size. I served them with strawberry guava syrup with pieces of candied strawberries strewn about. The syrup was a failed attempt at pectin-free jam. Just as well because I enjoy swirling it into yogurt, over pancakes, and making fizzy drinks with sparkling water. Is this the third pancake recipe we attempted from Around My French Table? We made blinis and matafan previously. Apparently the simple pancake can take many different guises.

My version of corn pancakes is not particularly inspiring but I’m sure you would enjoy reading other blogger’s interpretation at French Fridays with Dorie.

Bowl Of Cherries

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