The Wisdom of Illness

Thermometer_reduced      Everything that happens to us in life has value.  Each experience, good or bad, offers us a learning opportunity. 

     Sometimes, when something wonderful happens, we learn that life is fun or that hard work really does pay off.  But when something bad happens?  Well, the lesson might not be so readily apparent but it's there...that pearl of wisdom exists.

     Take the stomach virus I just recently survived for example.  Please...take, no really...I'm done with's all yours.  Seriously though, take my recent bout with this virus as an example.

    On the surface, there seems to be nothing good that can come of so much pain and unpleasantness.  But delve a little deeper and you find that this type of illness - the drop whatever you're're coming with will do nothing but what I say for the next day or two type of illness - has a very important lesson to convey.

     Being totally debilitated gives one time to think.  In between bathroom runs and prayers for death, I found myself becoming quite philosophical.  I realized, (Read more...)