The Wish Wall

Many years ago I created a Wish Wall and all the things I wanted in a house got posted up. My dream was a small cottage with 3 bedrooms, high ceilings, lots of character, timber siding, and room out the back for a couple of dogs. Maybe the Wish Wall was a little cheezy but it helped me focus my intention and every time I looked at the pictures I got a nice little shot of happiness and positivity.

Time went by and the pictures of my dream house sat there doing their thing until one Saturday afternoon my husband and I decided to inspect a property we’d seen on the internet. As soon as we arrived I saw the house on my Wish Wall. The only problem was, it was the place next door to the one we’d gone to see and it wasn’t for sale.

Another year went by and we inspected lots of houses but nothing felt right. Then, one Thursday morning, I woke up, checked the sales listings, and there it was in all it’s glory - my Wish Wall house. By strange coincidence my husband and I were both off work that day and we were able to inspect the house immediately. We put in an offer and the sale was finalized a few days later.


Dream done: 3 bedroom timber cottage with two dogs out the back.

The truth is, putting your dream “out there” can work miracles even though it sometimes takes a few years. What kind of house do you dream about? A beach pad with an outdoor shower? A log home by the lake? Maybe a renovated Arts & Crafts Bungalow in the city? Whatever kind of place you’re thinking about, put it on a Wish Wall and think about making it real. Close your eyes, see your dream home coming into focus, and take a good look around. What kind of materials and finishes does it have? What does it feel like? And what kind of decoration do you see? Imagine yourself living there, enjoying the solitude, or the company of family and friends.

If cutting and pasting pictures isn’t your thing, put the information about your dream house in the comment box on Houseplanology using as much or as little detail as you like. I’ll post it for you in the main part of the Wish Wall blog and give it some positive thought of my own. Go back often and remind yourself of what you want to achieve, and while you’re there, spare a wish for any other dream houses you see posted.

We all have a place we want to make our own, and bringing a dream to life isn’t always easy. But dreams that get a hold of you at the core deserve a red hot go and as long as you plant the seed and give it some care and attention, you’re in there with a real chance.

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