Wishes, curses and a broken mirror… Or why did my word doc explode?



Have I broken a mirror somewhere? I just knew declaring May the Month of wishes would lead to nothing but trouble. Oh, how I hate to be right. Just as no good can come from littering wells with legal currency, or shattering perfectly good mirrors, no good can come from making wishes. Or it would appear, even blogging about them. For me, May has become a Month of Curses!

Case in point. Yesterday, every copy of my draft imploded. I mean I went to open up the document and was presented with the dreaded message;

this file is corrupted and can not be opened’ 

Cue the sound of breaking glass.

But didn’t you save it in multiple places? You ask.

Yes, I did. One of those versions two days ago and on another device as a matter of fact. But low and behold, when I try to open the two day old version of my draft, stored on a flash drive-

this file is corrupted and can not be opened’


Didn’t you try to repair the file, copy the file, open it on another computer, retrieve an old autosaved version??? You ask.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! And yes!

And initially and for hours, to no avail. Fortunately, I was still in the plotting stages. But I had structure and plot points all worked out and broken down into chapters. You know, all those juicy little details that make you feel like you just won free pizza for a month when they plop into your head from the ether?

And after much head scratching turned head-banging-on-the-desk, I was mega, super fortunate, and able to extract about 80% of the text. Using wordpad of all things.  I didn't even know I had wordpad. It’s read only as what ever evil bug infiltrated my draft put a space between every single letter in the document as well as random illegible glyphs from what can only be an alien language and that can not be removed.

So I’ve gone all retro, bought a note pad and am plotting in pencil!

My final word on the matter?






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