Within My Collection of Books Is A NOOK — an eReader!

I am a book collector; I collect all kinds of books—from cookbooks to a wide variety of genres, in hard cover and paperback. And adding to my extensive collection of “paper” books is my new electronic reader, an e-Book, a NOOK. I am now the proud owner of a Color Nook! But then why do I feel like a traitor to my first loves?

For me, a happy custodian of books, a die-hard romantic, holding a book made of paper in my hands, smelling the ink, feeling the binding and the texture of paper within my fingers, is often enough to transport me to another world, into another universe and dimension.

There is nothing like the feel of a book: all the senses come into play, imagination takes hold; even taste and sounds are real.

But many people today feel that though paper books make a beautiful collection in a library, they take up a lot of space. And that is where eBooks come in; they save precious space, even if they aren’t as eye-appealing since they don’t offer the beauty of shades and textures of a physical library.

EBooks are also thought to be more “environmentally friendly,” since they don’t waste paper and ink. Okay, I can see that. However, I’d give up a chair and table made from a tree, any day, for the making of a book! But times are changing, and I must at least compromise, for the health of the environment and sake of our children’s future.

I bought my Color Nook from Barnes & Noble about one year ago. And I have since bought many eBooks, many of which are simply repetitions to those in my home’s library. I have bought my eBooks online, some purchased through Barnes & Noble and others through EZRead Books.

Though I am a die-hard “paper” books fan, I have actually come to really enjoy my eReader, proving convenient to have when traveling, or sitting at the doctor’s office.

By the way, my latest eBook added to my growing collection was “Bad Luck Cadet,” by none other than our very own Suzie Ivy from BlogHer.

Note:  EZRead is an online eBookstore and self-publisher. EZRead publishes independent (indie) authors and sells them alongside mass-produced books from publishing houses. Here is their link:    http://www.ezread.com/

I am very partial to EZRead Books because my daughter is their eBook Specialist. Naturally I am giving a plug-in on her behalf. I am a proud mother!

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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