Without a Village

"It takes a village."  That's the saying, right?  To raise a baby properly, you need an entire village of mothers, sisters and friends?  I can understand the argument but what if you have no village?

This weekend some of Papa's family members were in town.  Both of our families live hours away, which means there are usually several weeks (or months) between visits.  That wasn't too bad when it was just the two of us, but Little H changes so much in that amount of time.

Little H with part of our village!

Mostly I find myself wishing we lived closer to family because of the convenience of having the village nearby.  Free babysitting when mom and dad need a break...someone to come over and help catch up on the endless piles of laundry and dirty dishes...and someone to bring you back to center when the sleepless nights, mystery ailments and dirty diapers just become too much to bear.

Austin is an absolutely beautiful city, and an amazing place to raise a child, and it would take A LOT of persuading to ever get me to leave it.  But the temptation of family close at hand to help care for Little H, a village to support us in this physically and emotionally trying time, is almost enough.  Almost.

Papa and Little H at one of our favorite Austin locations,  Zilker Park.

Then again, I'm not sure Papa and I would be the parents we are becoming without the extra challenge of doing it alone.  We've learned to cherish this little baby - a baby we did not ask for - because of the necessity of spending all of our time with her and of pushing through the toughest moments by ourselves.

Besides, it may not be instant but I know our village is always there if we really do need them.

-The Midnight Mama


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