Woman with the foreign Latin accent

Sofia Vergara said what she liked the most about her boyfriend was the fact that he doesn’t care that her English is broken, what I think she meant was that she speaks with an accent. Well hey, she comes from Colombia, her native language is Spanish not English. It is okay to have an accent, it’s not a requirement to speak like “white American” and what does that mean anyway? white

Latinos or Spanish speakers are not the only foreign in the US but it is only ones you find that extra pressure to master the American accent. You never see an American rave to a Canadian or French or British and ask them to speak with“proper American English Accent” if they will.

I speak English and never had problems with it but I don’t think I have to take the extra mile to sound American when I come from a Spanish speakers land. I get bothered when people pretend that the accent has something to do with the content of your message.

You find more American posing as British like Gwyneth Paltrow just because they want to feel more refined,  more classy and you don’t see her telling Sienna Miller or Kate Winslet to change their accent because that would be too wrong.  I bet she struggles with Penelope Cruz and it would hurt her feelings to know that her Spanish isn’t so good.

latinas We all are the woman with the foreign accent where ever we go that isn’t our native place.  We should stay true to ourselves and like Sofia Vergara and other graceful women  like Eva Longoria, we should stay fab, stand tall and keep talking. There is no right  accent, the American accent is for Americans and it should not e shoved in so violently  that sometimes makes e wonder if it’s going to makes us forget our ID.

 And it’s cute to have the accent; we are forever remembered this way and by switching  the orders of words. 

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