Woman’s Acceptance Factor by Michael Tchong and Why Women Need Men




Woman’s Acceptance Factor - and why we need Men

For years leading women have been blasting out the stats about the significance of women in the marketplace. Think women visionaries in the field like Marti Barletta who's been taking this on the road for years - and a veritable avalanche of women’s books, articles and speeches.

What's always bothered me about women having to repeat the message is that it comes out sounding like a like a plea for recognition.  If it's so obvious, why doth we protest so much?  

If we women are so powerful, then why aren't the media/advertising "powers that be" that scour the trends rushing in to claim the economic rewards to be had by sitting up, taking notice and engaging women in a way that respects our progress and our economic muscle? 

Our list of documented reasons establishing women as the next major economic and cultural phenomenon is so long and comprehensive, covering so many economic and cultural aspects of life, that it's hard to understand why the "powers that be" don't pay attention. Maybe we should forget the data and just Twitter it?

Or are we just talking to ourselves? Maybe it's not us.  It's them. Is it possible they've been drugged?

Just when we were about to explore the combination of Bud and football on the capacity of male executives to change their take on women, a newcomer, male enters the fray.

To our delight, one of the most eloquent purveyors of market trends has wrapped his arms and considerable cache around the issue.  He’s a guy who sets trends. He’s a guy's guy.  He’s one who identifies great guy ads and cool boy toys.  He’s one of them - one that the guys like and trust and will pay at least 30% more than a woman expert to listen to at major marketing conferences. It's a proclamation by a disinterested bystander.  Now we're talking!

Well, now it's official.  Bless Michael Tschong. But before adding him to your prayers check out  Woman’s Acceptance Factor at Ubertrends about Madison Avenue's portrayal of women in ads. http://www.ubertrends.com/woman%e2%80%99s-acceptance-factor/

It’s a great roll-up about where women are, what’s wrong with advertising and how some amazing women (and a few great guys) are harnessing change.  Be sure to see this crisp rundown on the data we know and love. [and ask Michael for more!]



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