A Woman is like a Tea bag. You never know how strong it is, until it's in Hot Water!

Are there any quotes that you love?  I truly love quotes. I love reading little gems of wisdom and I love what it says about the person. See, when I read these quotes, it gives me a get view into the minds of people. It gives me a great look into the depth of the quote.

Whenever people say things that are incredibly memorable, whether it's deep or it's funny, you can tell that it comes from great life experience. Some of it comes from embarrassment and some of it comes from pain. Some of it comes from broken relationships and some of it comes from great marriages. 

It takes a lot for people to share what they've learned with others. And it is important for people to listen to people and it is important that we pay close attention to what they are telling us. Because so many people have been down roads that none of us, could possibly have a map for. And many people, are literally just trying to help us and keep us on the straight and narrow. And I just hope that more of my peers could understand that. And know, that people that are of Mature ages, that many of them really do know what they are doing and they really do have wisdom. It's just important that we have common sense and realize which ones we should take heed to and which ones we should leave alone. Because, not every grown person has our best interests at heart. Trust me, I've really learned this the hard way.

This title of this post, comes from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. And once I read it, I'm going to remember it! I think that this quote, is so true to us as Women. We are always the people that has to hold things together and have to brainstorm. Create, innovate and we're always that people that so often has to take risks. But, I must say, we all know that we face challenging and difficult times that causes us to face our fears and build our characters. I know that for a fact. Because right now, as an unemployed college student, I know what's like to be looking for work and be worried about keeping a positive GPA. So, I get it. 

It is very true and honest. We are like Tea bags. I mean, think about it. Whenever people go to other people's houses and they want to talk about a difficult situation, the first thing that most hostesses offer, is Tea. We are that thing that can calm down a situation and give you a warm feeling inside. 

So, if you would like to read the quotes that I wrote about, and these are only a few of the great quotes that I love, feel free to look on my blog. And if there are any that are your favorites or if there are any that you would like to see, feel free to comment.



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