The Policing of Serena Williams

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(Editor's Note: Although Serena Williams is not playing at this year's French Open due to health issues, she's never far from the headlines. Why is she such a lightening rod for scrutiny? Womanist Musings has some thoughts on the subject.)

Womanist Musings: More Policing of Serena Williams


From the moment the Williams sisters burst onto the professional tennis courts, Whiteness and patriarchy have attempted to silence, discipline and shame them into submission.  Criticism abounds regarding the sisters and yet, as far as I can see, the most repeated issue that arises, is based solidly in the in the fact that they are unapologetically Black women. When the media
is not attempting to turn them into loud mouth sapphires, they are slut
shaming them . . . More on the policing of Serena Williams.

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