Woman's Day, Power Day, Lovely Day - Blogher Reach Out Tour - Boston

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A woman's DAAAYYYY!!!! (Woman's Day, Power, Day, Lovely Day...think of the Bill Withers' song - "Lovely Day" as the theme music for this entry.)

How privileged was I to attend the BlogHer Reach Out Tour in Boston   on October 11?
Incredibly privileged.  I received:

  • Validation/Affirmation (in abundance)
  • Information (useful, practical, important)
  • Conversation (stimulating)
  • Connection (friends and colleagues I didn’t even know I had)
  • Ideas (nearly overwhelmed by ideas that are bouncing through my brain because of this stimulating event).
  • Community (we are every where!)

The community started when one of my sister bloggers Lydia Walshin, who blogs about food, graciously offered me a ride to the conference and invited me to dinner after the conference.

A STANDING OVATION to Lisa Stone, Eliza Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins (co-founders of Blogher) who put together one of the most incredible conferences I’ve ever experienced.  (The ambiance, the food – best food I ever had at a conference, and the vendors were just right!)

A special shout-out to Sarah Dopp who ran the Geek Lab with grace and patience.  She showed me something I wanted to know and now it is in my repertoire forever.  Thank you.

My sister panelists, Christine Koh and Susan Getgoodon the Blogging Basics: I Blog, There I am…Figuring Out Your Blogging Mojo panel were wonderful, accomplished women…hey, how did I get on that panel? 

Charlene Prince Birkeland helped us learn over lunch with her presentation on writing a better blog and introduction to shine.yahoo.com - a community of women recently launched by yahoo.

Beth Kanter  did a wonderful job leading the panel Blogging Basics: Managing Information Overload: How to find your Blogging Community.  I have to give her props because she had a cute and clever power-point to accompany her presentation which was interactive and informative and kept us participating in the late afternoon.  (This is no mean feat!)

I met so many bloggers throughout the day and had substantive conversations.  I especially liked the “speed dating” exercise that started off the day.  It set a tone of camaraderie for the rest of the day!

Various blogging communities were there in force:  mommy bloggers, food bloggers, generalists, tech bloggers, business bloggers, lesbian bloggers, relationship bloggers…

I am waiting anxiously for the announcement of the location of the national conference because I will be there!  The community, the sisterhood, the knowledge is too energizing to miss.

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