Women and Faith

I am certain I am not the first woman to write about this topic, but it's one that is passionately real to me. 

Women's freedoms have come a long way in the last 100 years, but strangely enough in some churches, a lot of which claim to be accepting of everyone women are just as restricted as they have ever been.  This is a very broad statement, considereing some faiths allow women to be very involved.

I go to a church that allows women to minister, sing, quote the bible etc, but through noticing the subtleties of basic person to person interactions I have seen that still, in 2012 if you're married the man is always addressed first, (among many other things), but also if you are a woman who is not married or widowed you are treated like something may be wrong with you.  This is not an overt interaction that is noticible unless you are looking. 

The women in my church are invited to organize events, cook for homecoming, teach sunday school, but the men go on fishing trips, retreats and of course they are the ones who are usually in that leadership role.  I was asked to cook something for a church event, and my thought was 'Cook?!? I'll help you build something, or drive some people around but cook?'  It's just assumesd that if you are a women your natural place is to be the nurturer and caretaker, and the men will build things and drive the cars. 

There is an emergance of women in the ministry, and I think it's time we up the awareness.  Instead of telling us how we can help why don't you ask where we would like to help.  Obviously I'm not much of a cook, but I am creative and can be taught to do almost anything.  So before you assume just ask.  God can use women in MANY capacities.  This is why He made us so special.


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