Women and Helmets

When it comes to high adrenaline sports, most of the attention is focused on the male athletes who can be seen spinning in the air with their skateboards or wresting a mud-filled 4x4 from a waist deep mud-hole. Some people may be surprised that under those helmets, suits and protective gear there are women getting their daily dose of adrenaline rush. While women can still be found competing in tennis and golf, there is a brave new front of athletes forging their way into the men's territory searching for their claim to fame.  It is all about pitting the human body with extreme conditions and experiences in order to capture the thrill of accomplishment. 

Up to Her Ears in Mud
Recently, Pro-X driver, Kata Karenina of Russia, found herself up to her ears in muddy water as she competed in an off-road race for the Rainforest Challenge Russia. This particular course was filled with steep hills and water-filled valleys. At one point, her vehicle was almost completely submerged in muddy water that threatened to wash her and all of her off road accessories from the vehicle. Her ability to drive while keeping her head out of the water was rewarded when she managed to break free from the muddy bottom after her teammate got out to put weight on the front of the vehicle.  Watch Kata Karenina in off road action 

On Two Wheels
Like most BMX racers, Alise Post started her career when she was very young. Her first attempt to take the track was when she was 6-years old. She balked at the first hill, but came back the next weekend to try it again. Now, Alise Post is one of the best female BMX racers in the United States. 

She was not allowed to participate in the 2008 Olympics because she was only 17, and 19 was the minimum age. That did not deter her in her quest to dominate the sport. She spent the next year competing in BMX races, gymnastics and track and field events. Her desire to compete at a higher level drove her to continue her training. Although she has suffered physical injuries, and she dropped out of college to pursue her BMX career, she has achieved the title of U.S.A. Champion Cyclist more than once. Her spirit has helped her to overcome injuries and setbacks to maintain her devotion to being one of the best BMX cyclists throughout the world. 

In the Snow

Gretchen Bleiler began her snowboarding career when she was 11 years old. Her entire focus was to go to the Winter X Games. Because of her competition in snowboarding, the door was open for other women to start competing in this extreme sport. She picked up more wins than any other female in the half-pipe competition. She won a majority of the U.S. Olympic qualifiers, and she picked up the gold four times during the X Games, including the super-pipe. 

The challenge does not always lie with extreme conditions. Most often, the challenge lies within the human spirit. 

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