The other day I was working on a project with a "friend" of mine. I use the quotes because although we get along really well, we haven't known each other long and our contact is basically limited to when we are working together.

When she arrived at my house, she was extremely cheery. EXTREMELY. Now, she isn't unhappy by nature but her joy was at a level I had never witnessed. I, of course, couldn't stop wondering what was the cause and by the afternoon I had my answer. Turns out, the night before she'd had great, wonderful, fantastic sex with a guy who'd actually called her that very next morning and who had expressed interest in seeing her again and possibly again after that.

It's incredible how happy us women get when we get laid and not just laid but laid by a guy that has us believing that our sexual encounter is the beginning of us getting laid whenever we want, forever and ever. Talk to a woman who's just had some kick ass, fly me to the moon, please, please can we do it again, type of sex and there's nothing you can't tell her. Fired for no apparent reason? Ex-husband won't pay the child support? House is now totally worthless? Her response? BRING IT ON BABY! I'M GONNA GET TO HAVE SEX EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! I don't need no stankin job and you can tell my ex-husband he can kiss my ass and you know why? cause I'M GONNA GET TO HAVE SEX EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! YAHOO!!! :) :) :)

Enough said.