women and their boyfriends

I work often with women in the their late twenties, early thirties, sometimes couples, right here in New York City. I am a therapist, a life coach, a confidant, a mother surrogate and sometimes, the person you will call when you need to find that anchor on a torrential sea or perhaps the voice of reason in the sea of the unreasonable. The morning text messages,
the tears from a woman who's boyfriend is once again making promises he won't or cannot keep; the young women who are achievers at work and at school but discover they are not so very corporate once they leave their jobs for happy hour.

we sit in restaurants, park benches...no not an office. These discussions require movement, quick walking, coffee at S bucks,
quiet tears dropping from a very hidden place. "help me figure this out," " How do I get through this without going crazy?"
We talk for an hour with no easy solutions. The solutions come with the increase in self worth, a sense of who and what they are,listening with your heart, making decisions that are sometimes painful. Leaving takes more courage than staying.
The roadmap sometimes requires them to open the dusty old paper map, not map quest. We light a candle to see the smaller roads, the north and south directions, manually, without finding out how many miles or the quickest way to their destination.
This is a current location without a print out and a quest without benefit of gps.

It's October here in the city. The glorious promise of winter with the holidays, the gifts, the eggnog and
the joy and disappointment of single life. Mostly, it's about keeping warm and safe. Enjoying who you are.


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