The BlogHer Women and Work Study: A New Infographic

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Last December, BlogHer announced the results of our first Blogher Women and Work Research Study at the inaugural BlogHer PRO Conference. We surveyed our community to gather their feelings about work and their workplace. This month, we announced our third annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference, and thought it was worth a second look at the Women and Work data, focused on the drive toward entrepreneurship, and the impact of mentorship.

Following are the topline findings based on the responses of over 1,000 adult women.

We love our work!

BlogHer women are 43% more likely than the total U.S. online population to be employed full time, and as the infographic shows...we're pretty happy in our work. Many of us would work, even if we didn't have to!

We've got an entrepreneurial spirit

Over half the women in this study embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Not only are we more likely than the average woman to run our own business, our vision of success is completely weighted towards autonomy, flexibility, and creativity.

The one thorn: We still see inequity in the workplace

In spite of the rosy glow most women have for their work, we also think that there is still room for improvement. Nearly half are unconvinced that women get fair treatment in their own industry. Millennials have a slight more favorable impression of their professions, and Boomers have the least favorable impression.

We believe in mentorship

The BlogHer women place a high value on mentors. And we are ready to give back. That's what the BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference is all about: Delivering mentoring from real role models, peer networking, and solid skills development for the entrepreneurial woman.

For all of the data, download the infographic posted above. And to join us at BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13, hosted by Skype, register here.