Women Are Inferior So Let’s Keep It That Way?

phyllis S

So let me get this straight! If I were to be paid the same amount as a man I would have a hard time finding a husband? Sounds ridiculous as hell right?! Well according to Phyllis Schlafly, an American constitutional lawyer and conservative activist, that is exactly what will happen. Needless to say when I read what she had to say in regards to the pay gap between men and women, I was dumfounded.

In an article with Christianpost.com published on Tuesday, Schlafly states,

Suppose the pay gap between men and women were magically eliminated. If that happened, simple arithmetic suggests that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate.

Obviously, I'm not saying women won't date or marry  lower-earning men, only that they probably prefer not to. If a higher-earning man is not available, many women are more likely not to marry at all.

While women prefer to HAVE a higher-earning partner, men generally prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship. This simple but profound difference between the sexes has powerful consequences for the so-called pay gap.

Really??! A woman will have a hard time finding a husband if the actually (not so-called) pay gap vanished, because after all, no man in his right mind wants a woman making more than him. He wants to be the higher bread-winner. And women are gold diggers since all we want in a man is his money anyway...that's basically what she's saying. So it’s either we as women make more money and be single or we just marry a man with money? We can't make a lot of money ourselves and find a "suitable mate." Darn! I thought we could.

Oh but that’s not the worst of it, she believes:

The best way to improve economic prospects for women is to improve job prospects for the men in their lives, even if that means increasing the so-called pay gap.

So wait.....it’s OK for a man to advance in his career but women should remain stagnant, because the only way to improve our own economic prospects is to give men even more pay over us. There it is ladies, in order to improve your economics you have to marry a man with money, forget about love. Forget about a career for yourself. Your place is just in the kitchen, laundry room and the bedroom. Your "suitable mate"  will not be happy unless you remain inferior to him. That's the only way for YOU to be successful. You can be a successful wife but you can't be successful working and making money unless of course, you continue to make less than your husband. Schlafly should have said women just need to be barefoot and pregnant and let the man make all the money. After all that's the kind of mentality she portrays so eloquently.

To each their own as far as opinions, but when it comes to the pay gap, don't keep me from equal pay because you are so stuck in your mindset of the 1940s and are too afraid to live fully. Women work hard and we deserve to be paid the same amount as men.  

I'm all for equal pay. Or maybe I should just be a gold-digger.......

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