Women Bickering : A Woman Thing

We all know that March is National Women History Month. Blogher has profiled and continues to bring their readers some of the most incredible and awesome women on the planet now and somewhere in the hereafter, leaving legacies for generations to come. Okay, having said all of that and truly being awakened to the truth of a women world contributions, I do have a bone to pick with us-sort of.

You see, I've been writing about women issues for years. I've been an advocate for folks I consider the "underdogs" in today's society of women, children and the elderly. That's just me. I tend to view the world with the glass being half full as opposed to half-emptied. But, as one co-worker recently pointed out, when I was again trying to find a balance & reason behind another woman's sour mood, that I  should ' forget' about "logic" at that point because there was none.

Women are emotional folks. We have a heart of gold, well, generally speaking. We do want to put our best foot forward in our friendships, personal and professional lives. And yet, women as a whole, love to bicker! Yes, we oftentimes like the sound of hearing ourselves speak, whether to disagree and, or attempting to prove a point. It doesn't matter who we are. Where we're at socially and financially, or from what class we're bred. We have to speak!

I was watching The Celebrity Apprentice last night and Star Jones, NeNe Leakes, Lisa Rinna, Dionne Warwick, Latoya Jackson and several other women compete againt the men to get money for their favorite charities. Right off the bat, it seemed that Lisa Rinna & Star Jones would butt heads. Their personalities just didn't gel. The two women were at odds with the group name. The printed logo for the Pizza Parlor where they would make pizza for sale to customers, to why in the world would Star would send her crew way across town in New York for a mere $300.00.

Needless to say, Star Jones was the obvious choice for Project Manager because she definitely has the chops of a thinking profit mogul. Lisa Rinna couldn't understand why Star would close the store with two hours left on the clock to sell pizza? The logic was missed by several of the women questioning Star Jones decision. The answer was about economics, which was explained at Donald Trump's roundtable. The women brought in 100 thousand plus dollars, based in part upon Star Jones decision making.

I plan to watch The Celebrity Apprentice for entertainment value, but, the show becomes a perfect example for why women in general, who do great things, also tend to bicker a tad much...Skeptical? Stay tuned for NeNe Leakes battle with Star Jones next!