Women birth the world

Monday, Aug 25 2008

Consider the mountains women climb  -  @ 09:30:am

Women Birth the world!!!

There are only two developed countries that don't
have paid maternity leave...Australia is sadly one
of them. This should not be a luxury that women
need to beg for or simply not have available to


This shocking situation leaves us lagging behind
Tanzania, Iran, Burma and Djibouti.


"Paid parental leave is not just about valuing the
well-being and development of children; there is
also an economic benefit in retaining people in
the workforce and safeguarding the nation's future
prosperity. It is time Australia caught up!!

Well this is the chance we have long been waiting
for - the Productivity Commission is finally looking
into the issue. Click on the link below to sign the
petition" on this imperative issue....

link www.getup.org.au/campaign/AllTheOtherKidsAreDoingIt?id=381

"It simply calls for a minimum of six months paid
parental leave.. We'll deliver it direct to the
Commission and the Government: We need long term
commitments for women futures," given they do birth
the world and bring our children up!!!

Almost every other nation on earth can see the
necessity even the very poorest - then surely it's
time for Australia to start looking after women/the
next generation and how they are valued in the world

"Australia currently leaves it up to the individual
employer to decide - and those in the retail and
service industries have almost no access to paid
parental leave.

That's why a joint statement was signed yesterday by
more than a dozen prominent Australian organisations
advocating a minimum of six months paid parental leave.

Join us in the push for paid parental leave by signing
the petition above....

Our lives change and things only happen in society if we
can demonstrate enough of us demand the government get
with the times. One can help make this change by signing
the petition today."
The Getup chaps

Don't ask what a woman has genuinely done for one
ask what one has genuinely done for a woman in the