Gas Prices, Security, Debt: The Real Issues for Women

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Every week it's a good idea to look back and try to understand what really affected women's lives and what really happened to prevent women from moving forward -- to review the top stories of the past week and ask; How will what happen affect women?

The hottest topics last week for women in the United States were birth control and the Constitution. All I can say: I know all about birth control like most other women, but know very little about the Constitution, like many other women. So all I can say: We have a bunch of men and women with a lack of leadership running this country, I'm not saying birth control isn't important, but it's an easy fix. I'm more worried about my rights being violated under the Constitution.

What really affected or will affect women from last week?

My top three:

1: National Security.

The most important part of the day for me is to feel safe to go to bed and know that I and my babies will wake up safe the next day so we can continue with the American dream. So it's hard to understand the following national security news, which affects women's life on the very basic level of survival:

"Cartels and gangs have taken up residence on multiple pathways, created desert roadways, mountains and command activity within their dedicated region or sector. With military grade weapons, satellite communications, high powered vision aide, these scouts and small pockets of 'soldiers' are becoming increasingly formidable. This aids in the movement of small groups of suspected terrorists through the desert deep into Arizona, and then to a final destination." -- Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Women should have been so outraged last week and caused so much noise that the words "change agent" were repeated by every member of Congress -- but they weren't. National Security issues cause real-life situations:

  • Fear to go to sleep
  • Fear to walk down the street and sit at a coffee shop
  • Fear that the electrical grid goes down

What is so hard for the President and Congress to understand that their #1 job is to protect Americans? Why did this not make national news over and over?

Ladies, If you don't have national security, you have nothing.

2: Gas prices

rising gas prices
Image: © Jerry Englehart Jr./

Iran has shut Europe off from oil supply, the Keystone Pipeline has been denied, off-shore drilling is in question. All of this will mean higher prices at the pump, which will affect every aspect of American women and their families' lives today, tomorrow and in the future. Higher gas prices cause real-life situations:

  • I can't get promoted if there is no new job creation
  • My daughter needs braces; I'll turn down the heat in the house
  • $30 more to drive to work -– no family night out

Remember this about Obama's oil policies:

"President Obama's continued pledge to reduce regulations on American small businesses makes for a nice sound bite, but the reality is that his own administration's misguided policies are making energy development in the West increasingly difficult, time-consuming and cost prohibitive." -- Wigley, Western Energy Alliance

If President Obama and the Democrats would decide to change their mind, drill and maybe agree on the some type off shore drilling as I read this morning it would create a re-election season for the Democrats. Thank goodness it's an election year for American moms; otherwise President Obama and the Democrats may not even have considered changing their minds and that would have stuck it to American women hard in the pocket.  Ladies, we may get lucky!

3: $15 trillion+ in debt

The Democrats in general are not worried about the debt and Republicans are making it a huge issue. Normal politics. Something about the sound of $15 trillion in debt doesn't add up for me, nor should it for any other women. The information on this topic is vast, with many experts weighing in, but bottom line: $15 trillion in debt is wrong. Balancing the books must be a priority in the 2012 election. Trillions in debt cause real-life situations:

  • Social Security issues for women: More women live in poverty in older age; if the debt continues, women will suffer.
  • Student loans: I can't afford to save money for my daughter to go to college she will need student loans. Will there be money?
  • Government waste: $16 dollars for a donut for a government meeting, really? While millions of American women and children are on food stamps.

Democrats or Republicans, which party really is looking out for women in this country?

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