Women in Control Over Finances and Education

Who says this is a man's world? Women are making strides in key arenas.. academic achievement and their financial future. A quick overview of recently published materials from various sources shows research proving female dominance in these fields.

Case in point; for the past decade women have represented about 57 percent of enrollments at American colleges, according to a report by the American Council on Education. The research, cited in a New York Times article titled "The New Math on Campus," says the top reasons are that women tend to have higher grades; men have higher drop out rates; and that older students, low-income and minority students tend to be women.  This plethora of men on campus might make it difficult to find a date but the girls are busy getting their diplomas.

A woman's financial power is getting attention from economic experts. A study conducted by life insurance and asset management powerhouse Prudential Financial titled “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women,” polled 1,250 American women on their financial knowledge and confidence. The surprising results revealed a confident female force; 95% of women said they were either making or influencing the big financial decisions in their households.

Another female-focused national survey this past week--- the Wells Fargo "6th Annual Retirement Fitness Survey," showed women are worried about having a secure retirement and are trying to do something about it.  Still, more than half of respondents said they are confident they will have enough saved to "live the life they want" in retirement.

It is a new world for women.  The Internet is booming with women-centric web sites dedicated to helping women flex their financial muscle. The Women's Institute for Financial Education (WIFE.org) is educating women in their quest for financial independence.  Using one of feminist leader Gloria Steinem's famous quotes: "Every Woman Needs a Wife," the site gives women critical advice with articles such as "It's never too early to start planning for your retirement."

A site that mixes humor with serious subjects is the cleverly-titled Girls Just Wanna Have Funds  (a play on words from the Cindy Lauper hit song)... designed for "women who value budgeting, investing and frugality." Founder/psychotherapist Susan Gernhart has discovered a niche market with this fun format and articles such as "Women And Life Insurance: 4 Reasons Why We Need To Be Prepared For The Inevitable."

This fact-filled piece is a great read and a sobering reminder of why women need to take charge when it comes to pushing our spouses to buy life insurance.  Life is short ladies.  It's exciting to see the explosion of big time girl power in the 21st century.  To quote Ms. Gernhart, "we’re armed with a positive net worth and not afraid to flaunt it while breaking financial ceilings one stiletto at a time." You GO girl!


Ileana Bravo is the Director of Media & Investor Relations at LifeQuote, the national leader in life insurance. Follow her at the LifeQuote blog where she covers news and trends related to life insurance, health, and finance.


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