Women read your emotion

Women read your emotion

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A recent study reported that when it comes to reading emotion women have a {slightly} bigger response rate than men – a mere  4/10 standard deviation between males and females.

The thing is, guys typically don’t tap into the part of their brains that’s responsible for this type of activity in nearly the same way as women.  Women take pride in their intuitive power and consistently use their ability to read emotion on a day-to-day basis, giving them an even larger response rate outside of the lab.

If you’re recovering from a bad breakup and trying your best to hide the pain, women can read your emotion. While you may not think that anyone can tap into your thoughts,  it’s not your brain that’s getting probed, it’s your body language and facial expressions that broadcast your emotional state.

And, women can spot a player at 500 yards.  Read more . . . http://www.sheshouldhaveit.com/women-read-your-emotion



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