Women With Small Breasts Love Their Shape

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Most women with small breasts are happy with their breasts. In fact, I'd be willing to bet most of us absolutely adore our small breasts. If this New York Times article is any indication, what women with small breasts hate is not our natural shape, but the lack of sexy bras in cup sizes AA to B that aren't padded to the point of ridiculousness. If we wanted to go up a cup size we'd probably be considering implants, but the majority of women are not.

rear view of a woman unhooking her bra

Lingerie manufacturers will hopefully pay attention, because that article is -- as of this writing -- the most emailed article on the New York Times' website. That means there are a lot of women out there who found the information on where to buy sexy unpadded bras helpful.

Bra makers, take note: We don't want your stinkin' padded bras. And grown women don't appreciate being sent to the girl's department for a training bra. (Incidentally, I love this question from Susan Wagner "what exactly does a training bra train your breasts to do?" Anyone have an answer?) What we want are bras made to fit our bodies just as they are.

I think this new found boldness of the more daintily endowed is a very good thing. Women (no matter what their shape) are showing manufacturers that we're not the ones that need to change -- it's them. We come in all shapes and sizes, and while it is easier for them to pretend that one size fits all that's simply not the case.

So tell me, whether you wear an A cup or a DD,  are you able to find bras that fit? What are your favorite brands? Do share!

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