Women Who Blog to Washington: You're in Time-Out

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Hi everyone,

I interrupt the planning extravaganza for BlogHer's annual wedding (heh, sorry, little Elisa-Jory-Lisa joke for the mind-blowing, fun, exhaustingness that is the last week before the conference) to share with you something really important: Terrific blogging by women on the topic of the national debt ceiling crisis. Evan as news comes that President Obama and Speaker Boehner finally reached a tentative budget deal yesterday, I'm still shocked and appalled the nation has been stuck in this position for so long and can't tear my browser away from it -- so I may as well share, right?

Now, as you know, BlogHer is non-partisan -- and happily so, since we get to bask in the wild, wonderful spectrum of political opinion on our network. Political beliefs about women in our network are as diverse as our beliefs about having children. And since BlogHer's umbrella includes more than 1,700 moms who blog and thriving childfree-by-choice conversations (diverse in their own right), need I say more?

But here's what's so ... Funny? Funny-tragic? I'll go with Funny-How-MUCH-Trouble-Washington-Is-In-With-Women: Nearly all the women blogging about this subject are saying elected officials have been acting like children.

Check it out:

  • PunditMom: "The more of us who dig into our pockets and give to the candidates who will really listen to us, the better chance we have of never seeing this political childishness again."
  • Commenter Priscilla on Small Town Mommy: "[T]hey are all a bunch of entitled children trying to hold onto a toy ... they are so darn focused on making sure that their party has the toy they don’t care about anything else."
  • JB Lang Bloggers: "For an easy fix to the lack of leadership I suggest an easy simple idea that even Congress could understand. Ever hear of the ‘Rock-paper-scissors', it’s a hand game..."
  • Kathryn C: "Why Washington Should Call My Mom"
  • HeatherBarmore/Poliogue: "For the record? This entire thing is such childish bullshit between grown-ass men. I mean DAMN."

See what I mean? Others I read from both right and left are now invoking a higher power:

  • Fausta's Blog: "Amen." Her response to comments by freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) saying this crisis is the result of Democratic strategy
  • Charlotte Dibartolomeo: "What Would God Say If He Was the U.S. Government's Debt Counselor?"

Other BlogHers spanked the media for trivializing the crisis, such as this Tennessee Guerilla Women poston adolescent noise from TBS' George Lopez and Tim Gunn whenSecretary of State Clinton traveled to China to soothe financial fears. What did Lopez and Gunn talk about? Cankles and fashion.

So ... what to do? I'm asked all the time what women really want -- especially what women in social media really want. Today, I can confirm that what women who blog are saying they want is political leadership. They want the people they voted for to do their jobs, which includes resolving things like national budgets before they become a crisis. It's a national embarrassment that so many women who are social media influencers say Congress's management of the national debt crisis is "childish".

My advice to elected officials, would-be candidates and their staffs, and media outlets covering this debacle would be pretty-cut-and-dried: When the majority of voters, who also control 83 percent of household discretionary spending including electronics and automotive, put you in time-out?

You should listen.

She's not kidding.

Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-founder

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