September 28: Cindy Gillespie, Rene Fry and I were in NC with Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP.  We had a GREAT crowd of women there to learn more about Mitt. We met with Deanna Duke, founder and president of SIGN innovations, located in Huntersville, North Carolina. Deanna and her husband, Steve started their business in 2010. They both had been laid off from their corporate jobs; they searched for new positions for months, but could not find any work. They then decided to take a risk on starting something new: SIGN innovations, a company that makes not only beautiful computer graphic signs, wraps for cars and rooms but it also advises companies in marketing and product design. The economy, however, is tough. Deanna and Steve work 24-7 to keep their doors open. It is a struggle. They worry about their five employees. When we were there, we talked not only to Deanna and Steve, but to a great group of women from the Huntersville area. We spoke about how Governor Romney had turned around the Massachusetts economy – closing a budget gap of $3 Billion without raising taxes, cutting red tape with innovations like zero day permitting for certain environmental permits and pre-permitted zones, and reducing unemployment to 4.7%. If Governor Romney becomes president, he can implement the same policies across the country. Just imagine if the 8 million women owned businesses like Deanna’s could get out from under enough government red tape, Obamacare and tax increases so that they could employ just one more employee? That would end the recession right there and do more for women’s equality than anything Obama has done in the last four years. Deanna is deeply worried about all the new cost burdens and regulations that Obama has already imposed on small businesses like hers. She says it will be so discouraging if he is re-elected. As a former Air Force officer, Deanna is not easily discouraged! In the meantime, Deanna holds out hope for November - that Governor Romney will become president and move quickly to cut red tape and taxes so that she, in turn, can keep her promises to her employees, her customers, herself and her husband. She is working hard to make her business successful, but she needs Governor Romney to become president if it is to thrive.

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